Morpheus8 Radio Frequency Microneedling Treatment
In Timonium, MD

The quest for rejuvenated, scar-free, and youthful skin has seen many innovative treatments over the years. Among them stands Morpheus8—a medical treatment device that marries microneedling with radio frequency technology.

Whether you’re healing from acne, surgery scars, or just seeking smoother skin, Morpheus8 beckons as a promising option. And guess what? Glee Med Spa in Timonium, MD offers this groundbreaking procedure right at your doorstep.

Benefits of Morpheus8 Treatment

Ever fancied a facelift but daunted by the idea of surgery? Enter Morpheus8. Imagine gaining:

  • A smooth, uniform effect akin to artistry.
  • A deep fractional treatment that delves deep without damaging your skin.
  • Almost zero downtime post-treatment.
  • Long-lasting results that stand the test of time.
  • A treatment that’s safe on all skin types. Yes, every hue and tone!
  • An FDA-approved, safe alternative to surgery. Who wouldn’t prefer that?

Areas of Application

Morpheus8 isn’t just for the face. Whether it’s acne scarring, neck sagging, or loose skin in the abdominal region, this treatment is versatile.

What Does Morpheus8 Treat?

It’s not just about looking good, it’s about feeling good. Morpheus8, with its fractionated radiofrequency energy, targets wrinkles, fat, and collagen, helping to rebuild and reduce them. This not only improves your skin texture but also slows down the inevitable aging process. Thanks to its color-blind technology, even darker skin tones can safely undergo treatment without the typical after-effects seen in other procedures.

Ideal Candidates for Morpheus8 Treatment

Thinking of diving in? Here’s who should:

  • Healthy individuals.
  • Early signs of aging? Perfect for you!
  • Realistic goal setters. It’s science, not magic!

However, hold on if:

  • You’re on Accutane or recently were.
  • Battling active cold sores.
  • Pregnant? Congratulations! But maybe wait on this treatment.
  • Undergoing radiation, chemotherapy, or certain medications.

Preparation for the Treatment

Your journey starts with a thorough consultation in Timonium, MD. Your medical history, facial photos, and expectations will be discussed. If you’ve battled cold sores, antiviral medications might be recommended.

The Microneedling Procedure Detailed

It’s not just about the results, but the journey too! Here’s a quick glimpse:

  1. Alcohol cleaning to fend off infections.
  2. Pain? Not on our watch! A topical anesthetic is applied or sometimes even a local one.
  3. The magic begins. Tiny wounds are created, releasing radiofrequency waves.
  4. The procedure, typically lasting 20-30 minutes, is capped off with growth and soothing solutions.

Expected Outcomes of Morpheus8

After about three weeks, expect the mirror to reveal a newer you. However, noticeable changes could appear within days. Generally, about three to six sessions are needed, depending on your specific needs.

Frequency and Duration of Sessions

It’s not just a one-time thing. Typically, you might need about four-Six sessions, each spaced 4 weeks apart. This allows your skin adequate healing time. To keep the results fresh, an annual touch-up session could be beneficial.

Aftercare Recommendations

After the procedure, simple steps can ensure optimal results. Ice packs for swelling, SPF for sun protection, and perhaps prescribed creams. Remember, your skin could be a tad sensitive post-treatment.

Getting Started in Timonium, CA

Eager to begin? Whether you pick up the phone or choose to book online, Glee Med Spa in Timonium, MD, awaits to guide you on your Morpheus8 journey. Dial (410) 657-2787 and let’s embark on this transformative journey together!

In the realm of skincare, Morpheus8 is emerging as a beacon of hope for many. Offering minimally invasive treatment with promising results, it’s no wonder more are opting for it. Whether you’re combating scars, aging, or simply desire better skin, Morpheus8 could be the answer. Why wait? Begin your skin transformation journey now!


Is Morpheus8 only for facial treatment?

No, it can be used for any area experiencing sub-dermal tissue loss.

How long does a typical Morpheus8 session last?

Usually between 20 to 30 minutes.

How many sessions will I need?

Typically, around four to six, but it varies based on individual needs.

Are there any side effects post-treatment?

Minor redness and microlesions can appear but usually fade within a week.

Is the treatment painful?

Anesthetic is applied to ensure the procedure is virtually pain-free.

Before & After Photos

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